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Current collection: Day Book Of Ann Gomm, Grocer

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Date 1792-1813
Level Collection
Reference B118
Description The history of this document is unclear.
In early 1993, it and B/117 were found
at County Hall with part of Acc. 292
(part of the Fane Papers, now catalogued
as E4), but it bore no relation to this
collection at all. It was therefore
thought that at some time it had been
attached to the collection in error.
However, there was no indication of when
or from where it had arrived at
Oxfordshire Archives. It was therefore
decided to catalogue it by itself.

Ann Gomm's day book shows that she was a
grocer based at Shipton. The baptism
registers of Shipton-under-Wychwood give
the names of several children born to a
John Gomm of Milton-under-Wychwood and
his wife, variously called Nanny, Nancy
or Anne. This could be Ann the Grocer,
but there is nothing to substantiate

Catalogued in August 1994 by Robin
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